Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Day 12-What you believe

I have a hard time with this one.  Before we started martial counseling, I didnt know what I believed in. I didnt know who God really was. What he does or how his powers worked. I had a perspective of God and I didnt have somebody to tell me and share with me how it was different.

So when we started our martial counseling, I asked questions and felt dump when I asked, but I was able to find the truth to what the big man was all about.  I had never felt so knowledgeable and educated about God than I did when we in counseling. But now that we are already married and we no longer meet with the pastor 3 times a week, I feel that I have fallen from God's hands. Away from beliefs, away from love, away from hope and encouragement.

I really need to do some deep soul searching and reach within side of my heart and show the world my love for God, even if I dont really understand it all.  Its hard for me, because Joey knows his relationship with the Lord, he knows how he feels and what he thinks, but I dont. I am in the closest when it comes to the Lord.  Its hard for me. Hard to especially reach out and ask for guidance.

I want a relationship, I want that love, I want that understanding and one day I will have that. Have that with myself, God and Joey.

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  1. Cat
    It's there for the asking - free - no expectations - just say the words and it's there. It doesn't mean life will be any easier but there will be someone there to walk you through the tough times and also celebrate with you in the happy - If you ever want to go there let me know