Friday, May 14, 2010

It's All Good!

The other day I had wrote about how down I was about school and life, well I can say that I am moving past my breakdown and looking forward to what path I may take.

To start off, I have successfully submitted my application to the University of Colorado Denver! I still have to send my transcript to them, but I am just waiting for Front Range to send that to me. But right now I feel pretty darn good about it. I will be almost done with my associates degree, just shy of 3-5 credits when I transfer over and that will get me straight into all my biology and science courses. Since there is a wait list for the premed-prenursing program, I will be able to complete my bachelor degree just in time to start my med programs. From there, who knows, but right now I am not going to stress about it.  I am pretty excited about it! 

Other than school stress, I am doing better, minus a HUGE fight with my dad, but that is behind me! This weekend, Joey and I have some fun filled plans starting with a graduation for my friend Brit, whom you can see her blog at, After 4 years of working her butt off with school, she is graduating with a Business Degree! GO BRIT!  Joey, myself, and her family will be cheering her on as she walks with her classmates.After the ceremony we will all enjoy a nice BBQ and party with Brit and her family. On Sunday, we will be enjoy a beautiful day in the 75 degree weather while watching out Colorado Rockies!!! I absolutely looooovvvvveeeee going to baseball games ever since I was little. I love the atmosphere and the environment and the people and food, and everything about baseball games.


  1. fun weekend! Hopefully we'll see you at Brittany's.
    And yay for going to CU...and even if your path winds up as a nurse, it is a position to be admired! I know and love many nurses.