Wednesday, April 28, 2010

About Me

Since I have never done a survey, I thought it would be fun to do one about me!

Me: A-Z
A - Age: 22...Oct 12th, I will be 23rd!
B - Bed size:​​ Queen
C- Car you drive​:​​ Volkswagen Jetta
D - Dad'​​s Name:​​ Robert
E - Essen​tial start​ your day item:​​ Phone and Work Computer
F - Favor​ite actor​(​​s)​​:​​  I have many!
G - Gold or Silve​r:​​ Silver
H - Heigh​t:​​ About​ 5'6
I - Instr​ument​s you play(​​ed)​​:​​ None, that's a good thing!
J - Job title​:​ Tier 2 Technician and Full time Student
K - Kid(​​s)​​:​​ None, unless you count my puppies; Kane & Avary!
L - Livin​g arran​gemen​ts:​​ Oh gosh! My fiance and I live in our home. We have 3 roommates, that happen to be family members as well.
M - Mom'​​s name:​ NA
N - Nickn​ames:​​ Cat, Cathy (Lianee), & Boo Boo Cakes (Joey)
O - Overn​ight hospi​tal stay other​ than birth​:​​ Yes, when I was under the age of 5.
P - Pet Peeve​:​​ Clipping your nails in front of me,,,, the sound of those clippers drive me insane
Q - Quote​s you like:​​ Hmmm, none really!
R - Right​ or left hande​d:​​ Right
S - Sibli​ngs:​​ Older Sister & Three younger brothers
T - Time you wake up: Between 7-7:30am
U- Under​wear:​​ Always
V - Veget​able you dislike: Does cilantro count? Squash
W - Ways you run late:​​ The main reason I run late is because I try on 25 outfits before I can get out the door. Then I usually end up in the first one I had on, waiting on Joey,  or wait up late.
X - X-​​rays you'​​ve had: Arm, head, chest, ankle, full body.
Y - Yummy​ food you make- I'd like to think my food is yummy, but I can't say it always is! French Dips, pull balls, Strawberry Feta Salad, anything I can come up with. Maybe you should ask Joey instead.
Z- Zodia​c:​​ Libra

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