Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today is a new day

Today is a new day! Today is a better day than yesterday and tomorrow will even be better! 

Yesterday was kind of a weird day for me. I was in the slumps yesterday with all my emotions and anxiety and anger.  So yesterday after work, I went to the gym and ran. I ran a total of 3.75 miles in 44 mins. I know its not a lot, but I'm proud of myself.  In that last few weeks,  I have increased my distance with the goal of reaching 6 miles. 6 miles is the distance that I hope to run while participating in the Boulder Boulder Memorial Day 10k.  Eventually the 10k runs will lead to a half marathon and then a full marathon... Its a goal of mine in life, to at least say that I did it. I may not get the best time, but I completed it!

After running, I felt some what of relief, I felt like even though I stress and get upset and I want to quit, its ok,  I just need to remind myself that I can do it and continue on running.  Keep my head up and continue looking ahead and not look behind me in the past. My soon to be sister in law had also reminded me that we cant think about the past and live on that, to focus on the good and the future. It was very encouraging! Thanks Mrs D :) 

From here, I will try to think positive, be positive, and remember its not what is in the past that matters, its what is ahead of me that does. Keep on running, life Forest Gump! 


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