Wednesday, March 31, 2010

6 Years

6 years ago today, I welcomed my beautiful niece into the world!!!!

6 years ago , I was 16 years old and my older sister found out that she was pregnant. Although, she was young and not ready for a baby of her own, I was more than thrilled. From the beginning of her pregnancy, I was there for every appointment and every craving and everything that occurred, I was there for.  At that point  in time, that is when my sister and I became close, we put all our pettiness behind us and we were there for each other 110%.

The day had finally come, that we were finding out the sex of the baby. My sister, her boyfriend, and myself filled the room, around the ultrasound machine. The tech ran all the measurements and then asked if we wanted to know the sex.... OF COURSE! Prior to this appointment, I had convinced myself that it was a little boy she was carrying, I called him by name and I knew it was a boy... Then she said its a GIRL! I cried! You would have thought I was the mother or dad, but no, I was the little sister crying in the corner of the room with excitement, for this little girl was going to be spoiled and loved by her Aunt Cat!

March 22, is my dads birthday and was also my spring break at the time.  So what did I do? I made my sister go walking with me, for like 3 hours, she was so tired and annoyed by the end, but I was convinced that my niece needed to come out, even though she was not due until April 11th.  Of course to our surprise, my sister's water broke while in bed at 7:00am March 31st.  I was on my way to school and my sister called my dad, being the father that he is, he wanted me to stay in school until it got closer to delivery time, but I wanted to be there for the entire thing.  By 10:30 am, my sister (Laura) made it to the hospital at 3 cm dilated and not having many contractions. At 12:30pm when I arrived, she was at about 5-6cms and had an epidural for her contractions, she was also having ice chips throwing into her mouth for the pain that she was feeling.  At 3:00pm, she was at a full 10 cms and was getting ready to push, which is when we were in panic mood, considering, I was the only one in the room, other than the docs. The boyfriend came rushing in and it was push time! 

Holding my sister's leg and watching her push our my niece was one and the by far craziest and most wonderful experiences that I have thus had.  As I couched my sister's breathing and helped with leg support, my niece Katedence Elizabeth was born, March 31t 2004 at 3:30pm, weighing 7lbs 11 oz. She was beautiful! She looked nothing like my sister and nothing like her dad, but she looked exactly like me!

For the first 3 years of her life, I was there for every night feeding, dirty diaper, and throw up that she had. I have wonderful memories and helping my sister raise the little dive and princess that she is today! I wouldnt change it for the world.  

Happy 6th Birthday Tater Butt, Aunt Cat loves you very much!!!!!


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