Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It is now Wednesday and I feel like this week and day will never end, I am ready for the weekend already!I have not been sleeping very good at night, considering I sleep next to a man whom releases body heat of like 110 degrees and then two LARGE dogs that insist that they need to cuddle with me.

A few weeks ago, when we first moved into the house, we make our bedroom in the basement. It was cold, it was dark, it was big, it was perfect. But Joey didnt like sleeping in the cave, so he moved all of our belongings upstairs to the master bedroom. Although, there is a bathroom attacked to the room, it is so small, there is no room for anything and  I swear that all the heat in the house gathers in that room, making it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for me to sleep.  The other night, I didnt get to bed until close to 12:30am because of the heat, the dogs, and the heat man next me. UGHHHHHH!!!

Other than that bedroom being the cause of my sleepless nights, I find myself thinking alot.  I think about school and graduating and med school and the wedding and how to fix the house and how to make that horrible room bigger, what to do that weekend, and what I need to do for work and who to call and on and on. It is a never ending game of thinking all the time and especially late at night, when the TV is off, I dont have anybody to share my thoughts with because heat man is over on his side dreaming about great things while I am still struggling to get to bed.  

WOW!!! Another thing that is driving me insane is that I dont have the energy or encouragement to really start working out. In fact everytime we say we are going to join the gym, I get off work late, or Im tired, or to be completely honest, I am just out right lazy!!!!! Than I get the ugly remember as I sit at my work desk and realize that I have a muffin top or the really UGLY remember is when I sat on the couch last night and Joey and I were eating breakfast for dinner and I HAD to unbutton my pants so that I could breathe and finish eating. Joey looked at me like I was on crack, but in reality, I was just getting fat.  BFB is my new nickname and if you know me, you know what BFB means....  

SO tonight, I am leaving work, regardless of the fact that it is completely a blizzard outside and I am going to the gym to sign up.... I will start working out,,, maybe on Friday or whenever, but tonight, I am only taking a step at a time and that is it.  Then after I sign up, I will probably go home and cook up a hambuger with cheese and lettuce, tomatoe, onions, pickles, deep friends french fries (weakness) and shove it down my face before anybody can talk me out of it.  DONT JUDGE ME!!!

Well that is all for today, I will write tomorrow about my attempt to work out and how it failed.  GOOD NIGHT!

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