Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Blogger!

It seems that now a days I only come to you when I need to vent about something and boy this week has been a venting war.  Let me start by discussing my weekend, which was ok.

Saturday, I had to study for all my test that are coming up this week and had a pretty good study session with Brit whild drinking Starbucks. After studying, we quickly got ready for the parade of light, which has been a tradition for years.  J, E, Brit and I all rode the bus downtown and got right in line to watch the parade. Where we were located for the parade, seemed great but we quickly learned that people were using our area for a sidewalk trafficing. After a few pushs and no excuse me, I began frustrated. 

The entire parade was turned into a fight and anger match between the people that we trying to get across the closed street and us that were in front, trying to watch the parade. There were even children on the ground in front of us that couldnt see the parade because of all the walkers.  It got to the point, where I was yelling and cussing and trying to get people to move so that we could enjoy the parade, but NO, that didnt happen. Towards the end of the parade, right when Sanata was coming, a huge crowd passed and blocked santa from the children. I was so angry at that point that I was YELLING, well one older man didnt like it and yelled back and got in my face. I got so annoyed that I raised my hand, in effort to hit him, but not to hit him..... Needless to say, the parade was ruined!

Sunday, it stared snowing, which meant that J was out of the house plowing.  Since he left at 7am, I got up started landury, did homework, and got everything in order for my dad to come over and help me install hardwood floors in our front room. After 6 hours, we were able to complete the floor and managed to only get two Booboos, my pointer finger smashed by a hammer and his thumb with a hammer as well. 

Once we finished, J showed up and saw all the work that we had completed. I was so excited to be able to finish the flooring for him to an extent, for he has been working so hard on the house and with the limitation of what I can, I wanted to help.  YAHHHH....

Monday I had to complete a lab at school and that went ok, Tuesday I had our review for the final on Thursday in Chem, which I have a strong belief that I will fail, and Wednesday I noticed that I was coming down with a sickness AGAIN!! I have a sore throat since Sunday, which I thought was from yelling, and I have mucus all up in my nose and coming out of every pore I have. I feel horrible! I have finals this week, and my body decides that I need to be sick again... I hate it...

On the wedding front, I have much to complain about. I have a bridesmaid, that I love to death, but my lord she is driving me up the wall. From the moment we started looking at bridesmaids dresses, she said that the price doesnt matter. So I picked out a cute and affordable dress for all the girls. In the middle of November, we ordered the dresses and she didnt come because she was "broke", so I ordered her dress so that she will get it in time for the wedding. Since then, I have sent her 2 emails and talked to her about the amount that she owes me. Finally yesterday she tells me that she cant pay be back until Jan or Feb, because she is broke and I should know that. UGH!!!! I dont have all the money in the world, but good lord, I paid for it and I expect to be paid back.... If you dont have money tell me, but dont let me think you are good and can pay me back, when you cant. Its so irritating. And its not the fact that she is broke right now, it is the fact that she doenst know how to handle her money well, at all. She goes out, she goes shopping, she spends more money than she has.....

In the next coming weeks, I will be purchasing the invitations and getting them out soon after. Then of course we have to get money to pay for everything else, wedding related. GOSH THIS IS STRESSFUL!!!!

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