Tuesday, December 1, 2009

5 months

Today makes 5 months exactly until the wedding!!!!! Most brides would be so excited, which truely I am, but I am also extremely stressed.  I feel like there is not enough time to plan and pay and get everything in line for our May wedding.  Along with that feeling of frustration, I am feeling tons of anxiety and anger! I am angry that I feel like this and that for some reason, I expect more help, but I am not getting it.

I have a very supportive group of friends and in laws and my dad, but honestly when it comes down to the line, people bail and cant help. I feel anxiety over all of it, for the simple fact that I am a planner and none of the last few weeks have been planned and I am unsure how the rest of the months will come before the wedding.

Sorry if I am being kind of retarded, I just am so stressed and everything is just collecting in my brain, making me a little crazy. 

On other notes, I went up to Fort Collins last night for an observatory lab with a girl from my AST class. At first I was worried about what we would talk about and whether or not we would hit it off, but she was so cool. So we drove up to Fort Collins at 830pm and started and completed 2 of the labs before 1030. We didnt get back down to town until close to 1130, but it was a great chat time car ride. We have to go up again to hopefuly complete 2 more labs and then we have to ship them off to our AST. I just really hope that he recieves them in time and that I get full credit for me. I HAVE TO PASS THIS CLASS!!! 

On a house note, it is coming along. J is hoping to get the hardwood this week and then we can up it in on Friday into Saturday. Then Saturday we will start cabinets. I just cant wait for this house remodel to be over with !!!!!


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