Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy as a Bee (LONG)

Hello All,
I am so sorry I have not updated my blog since last month! I have been incredibly busy with work and school and the house! 

On November 18th, J and I finally closed on our house! YAY!!! We were so excited and had a great closing! Once the closing was over, we stopped at storage and picked up a load of our furniture and belongs that we didnt take to my dads house. After loading up what we could, we went to the new house. It was still a strange feeling that we actually owned the house and that it was ours, not somebody elses, or that it was a rental property, it was OURS! :) 

After taking pictures of every single detail of all the rooms and house, we started scrapping the popcorn ceilings off. WOW, what a job that is. The weekend before, J and I picked up these scrappers from Lowes that  you can attack bags to when scrapping so that all the popcorn goes in the bag. Although it sounded like a great idea, it sucked! The scrappers had to give to them, you pressed them against the ceiling and it didnt move. 

Out of impatience, J started scrapping the ceiling with the scrapper from our fireplace, which worked out great, but was going to take forever and a day to finish the entire house with. So J went to home depot and I contiuned scrapping what I could. But as I was scrapping, I fell! I was standing on a ladder that was probably made in 1960s and was barely stable enough to use, but I was on it anyways. As I was finishing a section of the ceiling, I tried getting off the ladder toward the stairs. Needless to say, the gap was toooooo big and I fell straight on the stairs hitting my cheek on the stairs and my hip. I also managed to cut my ankle and palm. I just got up and was like WTF happened??? I finally got off the stairs and started to tear up, so I got up and lied on the floor until J got home. 

I quickly recovered with a giant bruise on my side and face and kind of sore, but we contiuned to scrap the ceilings and ripped down a half wall on the first day of our new home. 

The following days after, J finished the ceilings and had to texture, paint, rip up the baseboards, and go from there. The weekend finally came and I was able to get away for a moment to go down to the dress shop with some of the bridesmaids and order their dresses. It was a great little escape, minus exhaustion from only 4 hours of sleep. We got all the dresses order and somehow I managed to have a mental breakdown in front of some of the girls. 

I felt so stupid afterwards for the fact that I am not a crier, I hardly show any emotions at all and then to start crying because my MOHs dad is helping J, just seemed so stupid to me.  After my breakdown, I went back up to house and J and Mohs dad and bro had most of the texturing down and we started taping and taking wallpaper down and getting things organized. 

The next few days, we got the rest of the painting down, ripped out all the baseboards, started ripping up the flooring and J started and finished the downstairs bathroom, which looks great!! 

Slowly but surely, we are getting the house together. The rest of this week, J is installing tile in the entryway, hardwood floors, and this weekend we will install our new cabinets and redo the kitchen. Pretty exciting I know. 

Other than the house stuff, I have been getting ready to finish out the semester and try to do as best as I can.  I hate this semester and I cant believe how difficult it has been to be able to not only pass but to be able to understand what is being taught. 

I have my last few classes left in the next few weeks, so I will definitely let everybody know how it goes.


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