Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well well

I havent updated in a while and I apologize for that! I have been sick for close to two weeks now with a awful cold that doesnt seem to want to leave my body! It all started with a sore throat, then the aches and pains, fever, then congestion, and know coughing and still have a sore throat from about 5pm-5am every single day. But luckly, I have Nitquil to kick this cold in the butt and if it doesnt do that, well as least it gets me to sleep at night! 


Other than being sick, I have been just be dealing with horrible school. I studied and studied for my last Chem 101 test and I have yet to find out what the score of it is. Now since I missed the class period where we had the test take place, I had to take it in the testing center when I was able to feel better. I was confident that I could pass the test, I studied and as soon as I sat down and looked at the writen part of the test, I nearly started crying! I wanted so badly to get up in the middle of the test, walk up to his room, and say WTF is this?!?!? The questions on the test, didnt cover what was taught in class and is above my train of thought. I was so upset and then I just tried my hardest and finished the stupid test. 

2 of the other students in my class, whom I have gotten close with were in there too and couldnt believe how hard the test was. When we went to go upstairs, we realized that the class was leaving for a break and during that time, a bunch of us gathered in the hall to talk about how horrible this class is, how we are ALL failing his test and how we cant figure out to pass his class. So those of us who really do try and still dont successed, we emailed the department of chair in regards to his teaching.  I have yet to hear anything back and he still hasnt posted my grade for the test, so well see how it goes. I have class tonight and cant wait for it to be over! 1 month and 4 days left, but who is counting!!!!


Other than school, J and I had floral appointments this last weekend. Which can I just say that I cant believe how detailed and exhausting it was to look and talk about flowers. We went to 3 places and two of them were possible choices but gosh, I didnt realize how expensive flowers are, so if anything Brit and I will be DIY the flowers... We are still waiting to hear back on one more bid, which I liked alot and really hope she is in our price range!!!!!

Once we figure out the flowers, we have to start booking DJs and then the rest is all the little details for the big day and of course paying for everything!!! I just hope that I dont lose my mind just trying to pay for everything in the next 6 months, because it is alot and without much financial help, it is very stressful!

On November 21st, all the bridesmaids will be ordering their dresses and enjoying a little day our with me and the moms and grandmas. I am looking forward to get the dresses ordered, considering we were considered that they would find one and have it be here in time before the wedding, but there is hope!

Our REA originally stated that we would be closing on the 23rd of Nov, per our contract. Well then we all felt good and things were rolling great and they said we could move up the date to the 16th of Nov. Well Friday they asked if we could move it up anymore, asking the MB. Well our MB, the great people that they are trying to see if we can close on Friday the 13th, but at this time it doesnt look like it will be this week. In fact, it might be later than that 16th, which sucks.

When I talked to my MB last time and this morning, they had to send the final paperwork over to the underwriter for the approval and then from there they send it to CHFA, then they approve it. The timeline on that is about 24-48 hours, if everything goes well. At this time, I am just going to think positive thoughts and hold my head up and pray that everything goes through. I am so afraid that it will not get approved that I am refusing to buy anything for the new home until we have the keys in our home and we are there alone and not have a for sale sign in our front yard. IM TRYING TO THINK POSITIVE!

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  1. Bless your little heart. You have my sympathy for all that you are going through. The words of probably every other person you meet up with and tell your story...It will get better!!! I'll be rooting for you!!!