Thursday, October 15, 2009


Since the last time I posted, I noted how horrible of a student I am. That seems to still be the case, but luckly for me, my Chem teacher is giving us a make up test so that we can boost our points from the last test. 

I still just dont get it. I am a hard working individual and I have wonderful lab partners, how is it that I cant seem to pass one of his effing test??? I'll just go back to my original belief that I am retarded and that is why. 

Other than school, I have a few other things on my mind, one of which is our wedding. The wedding planning seems to be going great. We have the downpayment on my dress, we have the deposit for the venue and we have already picked out our photographer. But the thing that we or I should say I am having a hard time with is the bridesmaids dresses. 

A while back, my MOH and one of my bridesmaids picked out this gorgeous bridesmaids dress designed by Jim Hejilm. Although it was a wonderful dress it was $270 at the bridal shop and not everybody in my wedding party can do that right now, with little ones and the economy. So I researched and researched and found the same dress online at for about $200 cheaper. My MOH's Mom ordered the dress as a dummy and it ended up not working out. It  isn't horrible, but it is very simple and wasnt the look that myself or my MOH were going for. 

So the search begins again for a bridesmaids dress. It all seems great, but in all reality it is hard work to get all these girls together to go look at dresses for a full Saturday or Sunday. It is up to me to find the dresses and hope that all the girls like them and will pay whatever for them.  But personally, I feel that we dont have time for all of this. We  have about 6 months and 2 weeks before we are getting married and I feel like that will not be enough time to get the dresses in and then have them altered, given that we can find them by the end of Oct. 

I'm a little stressed and it is not like I can talk to J about it. He is a guy and doesnt understand anything about the dress situation or what I am feeling right now.  I think I may need some anixety pills just to get through the next 6 months of wedding planning, school, and work, and house stuff.  PLEASE LORD GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO GET THROUGHT THIS WITHOUT BECOMING BRIDEZILLA OR CRAZY!

On a good note, tomorrow morning is our inspection on the home and we hope that it passes with flying colors!


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