Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I think I may be retarded!

I apologize if I may offend anybody with my title but I am having the hardest time trying to figure out how to edit and redo my blog! I edit and then it doesnt save the way I want or it looks retarded. Man it is driving me insane. 

Along with my blog not working, I have several things on my mind that are driving me insane, one of the being school. I  have come to the conclusion that I may be possibly failing my classes this semester. I have one more semester after this fall left before I can graduate with my assoicates degree and at this point in time, I have a feeling that will NOT being happening.  I try so hard, I attend my classes, I do all the approperiate homework, I study for the tests and quizes but yet I never feel satisifed when I get the test back and it says 47% on it. WTF!!

I have such a hard time admitting that I am having an issue with school this semester, not because I am a bad student, but because of the fact that my classes are flipping hard and my teachers are on crack. That is right, my teachers are crack heads! Their assignments can be easy and simple, but when it comes to test time, it is a totally different story. I am so afraid of failing that I have actually filed out the paperwork to enter into a tutoring services provided by my college, in order to get more help. 

It just sucks! In all reality, I barely have time between labs, homework, tests and class to even have a normal life but now the little time that I do have will be filled with tutoring about stuff that I simple DONT care about. But unfornately, I need these classes to graduate and I will not be a college drop out or a failure.

On other notes, yesterday was my birthday! It was such a wonderful day. All weekend J had been doing things for me and requested me over and over to open my presents but I resisted. Now, just to fill everybody in and I am sure that J and Brit can recall my next statement; I HATE SURPRISE, I AM NOISY AND I HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING! I literally almost ruined like 3 birthdays, christmases, and my engagement, because I am not one to let things just slide and relax. Well to everyones surprise, I didnt snoop, I didnt peak, I didnt even ask questions! I was good this year!

Anyways, so over the weekend, I knew that J was shopping for me and I was ok with not finding out what he had bought me. Monday came and literally at 3:45am, J woke up to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE and then again at 7 am when I actually woke up.  By 715, he had my presents sitting on the bed and he was excited for me to open them up. One of the bags was a coach bag and the other was a large CHRISTMAS bag! I opened the coach bag first which was filled with two really cute dresses and hip belts!! Then  I went to the Christmas bag, in which inside was my beautiful coach purse!!! J DID SO GOOD!  I couldn't stop smiling and I was so excited to have my very own coach purse that was not Brits!! YAY!

After that I finished getting ready and got a good morning birthday song, personally sang by Brit! She woke up early just to sing me Happy Birthday! After my wonderful song, I made it to work and was greeted by some of my closest friends but nobody really knew it was my Birthday until Lianee came into work with a vase full of flowers and a chocolate cake.  I was pretty busy when she came in but by the end of the afternoon, we cut the cake and chowed down on it, that cake didnt stand a chance between lianee and this office. 

430 finally rolled around and I headed home! I started homework, while J was running with the pups and my dad came downstairs and gave me two cards, which of course, even if it is a funny card, makes me cry everytime!  Then my little brother gave me a card and a blanket, which looks amazingly warm and as soft as a baby's blanket. Then we headed to dinner, in which was a surprise, to my surprise.

What I mean by that is that I didnt know where we were going, J wanted to surprise me. So we drove with my dad and arrived at Happy Sumo, which is a great little sushi and chinese restaurant. While walking up to the door, I saw Brit, which I knew she was coming and then we waited for our table. About 5-6 mins later we went back and to my Surprise was all of my closest friends, J's family, and Brits mom. I was in shock,,, I was just thinking when we walked around the corner, what the hell is lianee doing here and Brit's mom. Then I saw Jen and DD and baby and Momma G and Grandma... I was so surprised and it was a wonderful surprise. 

We all go settled in to dinner and we laughed and they sang for me and it was such a wonderful time.  I am honestly so grateful and blessed to have such amazing people in my life. I could not ask for better best friends, family, and soon to be in laws. These people have been there for me and J when we were for each other and I love every single one of them and so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. 


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