Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wow, I am in a good mood!

Last night, I had my chem test that I had discussed in my last post and I think that I totally bombed it. I mean that I didnt just fail the test but I probably have no hope of doing well in that class EVER! I finished the test in under 1 hour and our professor gives us about 2 hours and 50 mins, so Im sure he wondered what I was doing when I turned my test in.

After I left class, I went home and hung out with my bros and J, while watching TV and playing WII before bed. Now I have to tell you all something, which Im sure if J had a blog he would be talking about how much it annoys him. First of all, I am so some what competitive when it comes to sports and activities and especially when J is around, I want to show him up all the time. Well, we found the love of tennis via
wii and it seems that everytime I play with him, he gets annoyed with me and asks other people to play with him.... Now in my defensive, I am a visual player. I cant stand there and swing the little remote, I feel useless that way, instead, I run, jump, shout, yell, switch sides, the whole nine yards while playing tennis wii. For me, I believe that I can play better that way and it seems so real when I become ONE with the game and the players. J on the other hand, HATES it. He is afraid that I will hit him or that I will do something to the TV or him, but I have never came close to it. SO after last nights tennis match, I am a little sore! Who would have thought that you could get sore from playing wii.

On to bigger and better news........

This morning I came into work and searched through a few websites for homes, in case we didnt get accepted on the current home that we have an offer on. Well then I got a call from Paul our realtor, whom confirmed that the sellers accepted our offer on the home. YAY!!!!! I was shocked! I couldnt believe that we were getting accepted considering we knew that there was many more offers on the table.... We are so excited. We are going to be homeowners, officially! The only thing that the sellers countered was the closing date which they pushed out to the 23rd of Nov instead of the 16th. So hopefully, we get everything moving here soon and it will all work out and well be able to get to move in and all will be great!!

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