Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Update and vent......

Oh my, it is has been a while since I posted last! Well since my last post, I have been quiet the busy bee..... Last week was full of homework, exams, discussion, tests, reviews, readings and what not, that I seem like I have been so out of the loop in the world since school was so busy. I have a test today in Chemistry, that I am surely hoping that I do good on, since chem is one of the classes that I HAVE to have in order to graduate, which seems so far away from reality.

Along with school last week, I got caught up in firing our Wells Fargo lender and hiring a new lady with Guild Mortgage, in which is going great. Since Wells Fargo took their time on everything, it gave the time to my credit score, in order for it to come up and approve for a higher purchase price on a home. So last week, J and I along with our Realtor went out looking again at homes and out of 10 homes, we narrowed it down to 1. We placed an offer on the home and Friday they came back saying that there is many other offers on the home and we would need to offer our highest and best offer we can. So we offered 15K more than the listing price and asked for the seller to pay our closing cost. At this time, we are still waiting for the seller on their decision and what they are accepting at this time. Unfortunately, the response time is 10 days, so it will be about another week before we hear something back.

J and I are pretty excited about the home, even thought I have my personal worries about a home in our price range, but we would have to cut back on my shopping habits, which I will go into later on.... This home seems to offer everything we want; 3 beds, 2.5 backs, split levels, 2 living rooms, a formal dining room, a open kitchen (which has the option to be remodeled), and a large backyard for the pups! There is enough room in the house for the boys and my dad to come live with us until they find a place of their own and the boys are able to switch schools.

Now even though it all sounds great, I get buyers remorse. I worry that even though the monthly payment is in our price range that something will happen and we wont be able to afford the home, especially while we are paying for a wedding and going to school. Luckly J reassures me that everything will work out great and he feels better knowing that he will be able to get a bike to ride to work, so it will save money on gas. Which sounds great, but then I think, how in the hell are we going to afford to buy you a bike, an SUV for me and have a mortgage. Maybe I need to calm down and just take it one step at a time, considering we have not been accepted on the home yet.

Other than the home and school, everything seems to be coming along great with the wedding and we are waiting right now for the bridesmaid's dresses to come in, which we ordered over the internet. My MOH and I ordered only one as a "dummy" dress to see what it would turn out to be and if all was good with it, we would order the rest of the bridesmaids dresses. I am pretty excited about the dress and cant wait to see what it looks like!

As for my last weekend update, J and I were supposed to go out with some friends that are moving back to FL on Friday but they ended up postponing it. While since I am a lame ass and normally in bed by 830pm, I didnt want to go with, so J went all the down to Parker and hung out with Jag, while enjoying happy hour drinks at Crab Shack.... Before J went down to Parker, we enjoyed a nice little dinner at Mimis. Well let me just tell you, that I am only a big fan of Mimi's Cafe for breakfast and when it comes to dinner or lunch, I am not a big fan. After dinner, I went home and started watching a movie and quickly realized that it was settling well with my stomach. I ended up in the bathroom and came back to watch the rest of the movie and found that about 1 hour later, I was still not feeling too hot. I tried drinking some water, layed in bed for a while and discovered that I had the spins, like the drunken spins. I got out of bed, went to the bathroom with the feeling that I was going to vomit everywhere, but couldnt. I sat by that nasty, boy peed on toilent for what seemed like forever and couldnt throw up, I even tried to make myself do it, but that didnt help. So I went back into bed, the spins came back, so I got up and went downstairs to get some water. At that time, my father had just got home from work, so I chatted for about a min or two, until I felt like something was coming up. I ran so fast up the stairs and sure enough I puked up spinach a few times. I went back into bed and then about 20 mins later, I got a stomach and had to go again. Between both bodily functions, I didnt get to bed until about 2, when J got home.

The next morning, I went to work and I felt better but by the time I left work and decided to spend all my money on my new nephew, I felt sick again. I never actually threw up, but I sure did feel like it. Later that day, I was able to see my little nephew Eli and his momma and daddy. I love seeing J's family and seeing how happy they are with their new bundle of joy!! Later that night, J and I met some friends at a local bar and grill and finally went home, where I passed out once I hit my pillow.

Sunday was pretty uneventfull. I still didnt feel very good, but I sucked it up to go on a shopping trip with my bro and J and finally made it hope to do homework and eat dinner and went to bed....

Then my week starts all over again........

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