Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Baby!

On Wednesday when I last posted, we were still patient/impatiently waiting for Jen to go into labor. Well Wednesday morning, when I texted her, things were still very much the same and no changes had presisted. So the day went on and I went home and asked Joey "whats up with Eli?" He then told me that they broke Jen's water at 1230 and that the doctor had not expected any real labor to start for many many hours and it could be anywhere from 12-18 hour labor. I was in shock, I didnt know any of that information. Thinking about having time to eat and probably to sleep a while, Joey and I went on with our evening and literally 5 mins later, Joey's mom called saying she is dilated to 6cm and he may be coming quicker than they thought. We were off to the hospital!! I was so excited. I didnt change from my work clothes and hoped in the car and did close to 95-100m/hr just to make sure that we got there and didnt miss a thing. After picking up flowers, an adorable outift, and food for DD (Jen's husband) we finally made it to the hospital. We were surrounded by Jamie, Bob, Victoria, Jeremy, Momma Duckett, Momma Griebel, Aunt Verna, Uncle Richard, and Grandma. The entire room was surrounded by love and we were all so excited for this new arrival.

After about 20 mins, which Jen got her epidural (life saver), we are went back to see Jen and DD. It was so wonderful to hear the baby's heartbeat and being in the room where we would join again with an additional person. But as I stood there, I could feel that my stomach was turning. I started getting really hot and lightheaded, so I went over to where Joey was and leaned against him for support. The next thing I know, I ended up blacking out and was holding on to Joey so hard that I nearly chocked him. Thank goodness nobody but him knew what was going on, but my sense came back and I stepped out of the room to breathe and get some water. After a few minutes, I was able to go back in and everything was fine after that, but this normally doesnt occur unless I hurt myself. So anyways, back to the main story,we all said our goodbyes and love yous and went back out in the waiting room for momma to get some rest before the big show.

Just after we left the room, Jen went from 8cm dilated to 9.5cm dilated, she was almost ready to start pushing. Within minutes, just long enough to finish my homework, Momma Griebel asked if anybody wanted to come listen by the door while she was in labor and hear the baby. All of girls of course did!

After about 2 and half hours of sitting on the floor, almost falling asleep, and getting yelled at by the badge lady, we all stood night to the door and were able to hear her push him out and hear the wonderful and amazing sound of Eli's first breathes and crys. It was a wonderful experience and I was so happy that all of us girls were able to experience it together as a family!

Eli James Duckett had arrived at 12:58am Sept. 24th, 2009 weighing in at 7lbs 7oz 20 3/4 inches long and by 2:30am we were finally able to see the little guy and tell him all the secrets in the world and how much we loved him already before leaving for home. Finally by 430 Joey and I were able to get to bed and sleep.

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