Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Venue here we come!

Yay, I am so excited to report that J and I have saved up enough in the last few months to put our down payment on the venue!!! I can not wait!

When J and I first started looking at venues for the wedding, we never really considered how much it cost to have a wedding. That realization hit us fast and hard when we were getting estimates for venues and catering and the details that go along with a wedding.

So we started our search in Littleton/Lakewood area, which both of us love, but more so J than I. But when contacted one event center that is so what popular by Red Rocks, we found that places were starting their prices at $10000+. I was in shock, I could not believe how expensive it was. From there we went to a local Golf Course in Littleton. I had researched for places and this one felt like that one, the one that we would love and have an amazing wedding at and I found that to not be the case.

We arrived at the site with appointment booked and the lady that owned the course was not the happiest person that I have met, especially while experiencing one of the happiest days of my life. My soon to be mother in law, J and I all sat there and didnt ask questions unless needed and let this lady give her speech. It is a tradition in J's family for his grandmother to make Cabbage rolls, its a german thing, which both of our families are, so when we asked if we could bring one outside food, the lady told my mother in law to bring in the recipe and the cooks would make it. What is the point in a tradition, unless little old grandma makes, which she has made for every single wedding that has ever occured in their family, makes them??? But this lady, I am pretty sure that she hated her life and told us that the cooks would have to make it and on top of it, we would have to PAY for it as a side to dinner!!!!!! WOW!

From that discussion, we went outside to check out the site of where we can have our ceremony. Thinking that it would be out in the nice green grass and have this amazing view of the mountains, I got excited. Which was soon killed when the lady showed us the two spots we could have and both were literally up next to the parking lot where the golfers could park. Then I tried to ask if there would be chairs available to set up for the rehearsal and the lady told me to visulalize it!!!!!!!!!!! What???? Neither myself or my soon to be mother in law could believe her and left at that moment. From there the search contiuned.

So one day, while I was bored at work and planned on living early, I researched more places and found one that is near where we lived. SO after my appointment that day, I went to Heritage Todd Creek in Thornton to checked the place out. Right away, I was greeted with kindness and appreciation and from there it got better. The gulf course itself is away from the highway and parking lot and inside they have an amazing banquet room. I feel in love! Now not only was the gulf course wonderful but the ladies that work there are fabablous! They were so much fun to talk to and work with and they much told me anything I want to do I could. YAY!!!

Considering, I went alone the first time, I came back about a week or so later with J, grandma, and MIL to the gulf course to check it out with me. They all loved it and we were able to discuss actually have the wedding on the green, which I didnt think was possibly. SO after touring the clubhouse and gulf course, we enjoyed a great dinner compliementary of the gulf course. I couldnt believe how great they were and how much they cared about us as a soon to be bride and groom.

Since we had to deal with the house stuff so much, any extra money has been going toward the house or bills or something other than the deposit so we are just now able to finally put the deposit down to hold our date..... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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