Monday, September 21, 2009

Marathon or a Baby?

Sunday after our engagement photos, J and I went to watch his brother Jeremy run in a marathon in Boulder. It was a beautiful day and nice and warm, but there is no way in he double hockey sticks would I be running in that weather!

J and I arrived a little bit later than when it started and we stood right before the finish line so we could clap and cheer for all the runners as they finished. I loved watching them and secretly I wish I had the will power to run a half marathon or even a 10K but I dont, but it was great seeing everybody else. But as more and more runners came to the finish line, I noticed how some of them looked like they were in so much pain and that kind of killed my thought of being a long distance runner, again I have no will power.

In the meantime, while waiting for Jeremy, J and I saw Victoria (Jeremy's wife) and how cute her little baby bump is getting and then we saw J's mom, which is always a pleasure! J and I even chatted with some of the supporters standing by us and one in particular stuck out. It was a little boy about 2-3, whom was waiting for his daddy to come across the finish line. He even made a little horn out of a paper towel roll and wrote Daddy all over it! He was so proud of his little piece of art and his daddy, it was adorable!

After waiting for Jeremy for a while, we had found out that about 18 miles into the race, he developed cramps in his legs and back, making it hard for him to run as fast as he wanted to. But luckily he was able to finish and we cheered him on like there was no tomorrow. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU JEREMY! GOOD JOB!

After he had completed the race, J and his mom enjoyed a nice beer and we talked and hung out for a while, in hopes that Jen would call us and let us know that she was in labor and we would get to meet baby Duckett. But the call never came.

So in hopes of the baby coming, I went home and made a "Push Treat" for Jen, as a little encouragement for the baby to know he can make his entrance into the world. J and I both slept with our phones next to our heads and on loud so that in case she called or text we would know it was our sign to head to the hospital. But again no call no baby show!

Lets hope in the next few days!

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