Monday, September 21, 2009

Big detils

I know this may be somewhat weird for a man, but J likes to be involved in our wedding planning and I appreciate his interest in helping me out with things. What an amazing person, I am marrying!

In the course of a few weeks, J and I have been able to pick out the favors, colors, and some types of flowers that we like.

On with our bigger details, J and I had picked out our photographer, whom is a good friend of his older sister, Jen. Before deciding on Kristol, J and I had looked at a few different opinions and had a meeting with one of my dad's really good friends. Know I know I shouldn't talk badly about people especially people that I know, but my gosh he is expensive! His packages started high and included very minimum material. Even with a "family discount" it was more than we wanted to spend for just a sitting fee and day of wedding services, not even including the prints, those are a separate purchase. After that meeting, I couldnt believe how expensive it could be and considered just having a family friend do them with his amazing camera and would be nearly free.

A few weeks later, Jen being the beautiful soon to be mommy that she is, had her friend Kristol do her pregnancy photos. In which they tried out wonderful! I couldnt believe how amazing Kristol's photography was and how great and remarkable model Jen was. From there, Jen found out some information from Kristol on prices and we set up a meeting.

The meeting went great and we decided on her as our photographer for our engagement photos and wedding photos! We are so excited to have Kristol do our photos, knowing that she has an amazing gift from god! YAY photos!!!

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