Monday, September 21, 2009

I found it

A few post ago, I had explained that I went dress shopping with my bridesmaids. Well after a few weeks off from shopping, I had contiuned to think about one dress in particular that I had tried on. So I went with my MOH to a boulder bridal shop to look at a few more dresses with no luck, but one thing that one of the consultants had told me, is if I compare the dresses that I am looking at to the one that I have already tired on, that dress is the one. I never really thought about it like that until that moment.

So about a week later, J had nasal reconstruction and I was playing nurse for a few days and happen to get an email about a sample sale at the bridal collection. So I rounded up some girls and my soon to be mother in law and went to check out the sale.

Of course there were some amazing deals on some of the dresses, none of which I found interested in. But I tried on "the" dress and I loved it. It felt perfect and I envisioned myself walking down the aisle in that dress! After a while of seeing me in the dresses, my mother in law had to leave and some of the girls and I played around with bridesmaids dresses. In which we were able to find one that was perfect and decided on that dress for them, but the only issue is the price, which is about $170 more than we originally wanted to have the girls spend.

But I have made plans to come back down to the Bridal collection and place a down payment on my dress, "THE DRESS!" I am so excited and cant wait.

Finally everything is coming together just the way I envisioned it to be! YAY!

Since I cant seem to figure out to publish the picture of the bridesmaids dress, the link is below, check it out!

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