Wednesday, September 16, 2009

April comes and goes

I know, I am posting twice in one day, but I have to explain my life events up to today. I am sure so many people are waiting in line to read it. :)

The day after we got engaged, J suggested that we attend a local bridal show! Out of amazement, I agreed and went to the Colorado Convention Center for the 2009 Bridal Show. Brittany (BF and MOH) was asked to meet us downtown to join us with this grand adventure. In which was quiet overwhelming if you ask me.

As we walked in, the vendors were watching you to have you come to their booths and get their information. Right and left were questions and signings for contest and food, which J loved. By the time we reached the end of the Show, I was exhausted and ready to sleep, so out of mutual agreement we headed back home to where my father was meeting up for dinner.

When he arrived, I showed him all the cool things that we got at the show and of course the ring, which he had already seen! He actually went with J to pay and pick up the ring, I was surprised that some much got passed me!

The day came and gone and I was ready for us to start officially planning the wedding of our dreams!

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