Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Engagement Party

As May approached us, we decided not to waste too much time on having a engagement party at a local restaurant, in effect for our families to meet for the first time. Could you believe it, after dating for 2 years, this was the first time that my dad and brothers met J's family, including his mom, sisters, brothers, in laws, uncle, aunt and cousins, along with some childhood friends.

Now I have to explain, that although, I am a sociable person and everybody loves me, my family is not so much like that. My father, love him dearly, is NOT a social butterfly unless it benefits him in one way or another. So needless to say, I was extremely extremely OCD when it came to the engagement party, in efforts of making this meeting perfect. Along with this first time meeting between our families, we had planned on announcing to those that we wanted to be in our wedding, so as you can only imagine, it was quiet the event.

Our Engagement Party was held May 9th at 8pm at Happy Sumo. I wore a beautiful flower dress that I had picked out weeks before for our "special date" and thanks to bff Brittany, I was able to get my nails and toes done for the party. J wore a white button shirt with a nice pair of jeans and I think he wore black shoes. Together we looked good! As we arrived at the restaurant, we discovered that the tables we placed on two different sides of the room, which separated the family members. Of course my friends and family were on one side of the room and J's family was on the other. It made for an ackward seating situation, but between J and I, we were able to mingle and introduce everybody and try to make the best of the situation.

At the end before everybody left, J and I made a little speech, ok I made a speech thanking everybody for coming and joining us as we celebrate a new chapter in our lives and presented a gift to those who we would like to be in the wedding. These gifts were specially made by a baker down in Colorado Springs, in which she personalized to each member. To the girls and mother of the groom, I presented dress cookies asking them to be in the wedding and J did the same for his groomsmen, bestman, ring bearers, and my father, in which they got tux cookies. It was a big hit and I was so glad.

After the Engagement party, J and I had some friends over at the house where we partied a little bit more and I shamefully ended up throwing up and going to bed. Got to love tequilla! UGH!

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