Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Blog

I am happy to say that this is my first blog after becoming engaged in April of 2009! I figured I would use this blog to share with family and friends through the planning of the wedding and every day life as a soon to be bride. I hope you all enjoy!

Starting off, I would like to share how J (name is not disclosed, fiance) proposed.

Early on in 2009, I had may discussions with J about how I wanted to get engaged and felt that we were ready for the commitment of spending the rest of our lives together. He had told me every time that I brought it up, that it would happen when it happened and not to rush things. But having him tell me that was not what I wanted, but for him, I would drop the conversation until I felt it was an appropriate time to bring it back up. But secretly, I was going insane. Every time he would call my name sweetly or we would go on a little dinner date or do anything from talking a walk to waking up in the morning, I thought every moment was the moment in which he would ask that one special question. This cycle went on for months and months!

In Feb. 2009, we discovered that my lovely Avary (chocolate lab) became pregnant from darling Kane (yellow lab). This new development helped me escape the insanity I was secretly going through well waiting for J to propose. And let me tell you that this distraction helped tremendously! I went from being so obsessed with getting engaged, to worrying that my precious fur child would go into per term labor or have the puppies while I was at work and she wouldn't have a clue what to do. But thankfully through the support of family, friends, and our wonderful wonderful vet, I was able to relax and let nature takes its course.

In the beginning of the week of April 20th, J had requested that we had a special date on this upcoming Saturday. This was not unusual of J, for we had special dates at least every 15th of the month and sometimes more in between. So I first I didnt think anything of it, but after thinking and of course overanalyizing the situation, I thought something was up. With confidence, I went to Brittany (BF) to see if she knew if anything was up. Of course she said no and that put me at ease. By the middle of the week, I had gotten into J's email and noticed something about an hot air balloon ride, in which was my dream engagement! So I got out of the email and IMed Brittany, whom of course told me not to think about it and that he didn't say anything to her and that the last time she asked him if he was going to propose, he got angry with her. We dropped the conversation until J found out I was in his email and ripped me a new line! He was so upset with me that I thougth he was cancelling the date for Saturday. Later that night he told me that we were going on a train ride up to the mountains and had to be up and ready at like 5am Saturday morning. I didn't ask questions and stayed away from his email.

April 23rd came around and still no puppies. After many vet visits, we decided with our vet that if she didnt go into labor by April 24th, she would need to be induced. That night I slept by her whelping box that J made for her and wanted until what I thought would be labor. But surprise surprise, there was no puppies when I woke up. On the 24th, I decided to stay home from work just to watch her and then if needed take her to the vet to be induced. Somehow I believe that she was trying to play a game with me. But at 1pm, her water broke, by 1:30pm our first beautiful yellow female was born. Some may believe that I was OCD about the situation, but in my own mind, I was prepared and organized. I had the scissor, the gloves, the heaters, and blakets all ready for the pups and once the first one came (which I deliever by myself with Avary) the ball kept rolling and everything worked out great. 15 hours of labor and 11 puppies later, Kane and Avary were proud parents and Brittany(BF) and I were exhausted. Finally about 4am, I decided that I would go lie in bed and try to sleep, for what I knew was that I had to be up in one hour to go on a train ride with J.

Right as I lied down, he got up and answered his phone as he walked out of the room. I was so tired and exhausted I didn't have enough energy to think anything of it. A while later, J came back into the room and told me that the train ride was cancelled due to the weather. I accpeted it and went straight to sleep. A few hours later, I woke up and got momma and puppies all ready and headed to the vet to make sure that everything was good, which it was and we headed back home. Brittany, the dear that she was told me that she had to go home and take a shower and do homework and then she would be back later. I cleaned up the house and sorted everything the best I could while J made a trip to the local walmart for some needed supplies. Once he arrived back home, he showed me the new collar he bought for Avary that had diamonds on it. I jokingly said that she got diamonds and I don't and J commented back with a laugh and said the same thing.

At that time I went to the couch and watched a movie. A few minutes later, I heard our song (Yellow by Coldplay) coming from our computer and Joey walked over to the pin with Avary and the puppies. He said "hey babe, come look at this!" I figured it was something cute that they were doing or something and when I walked over, J go down to one knee and I saw the ring in the box between Avary's front paws. I remember saying, "Oh J" and he started talking, which secretly I don't remember what he said, expect for "Will you Marry Me?" At this point tears and rolling and I hugged him and said of course!!!

We literally sat there for close to 30-45 mins just holding each other and saying how we love each other and I was whipping my tears and makeup on J's shirt. Shortly after I gathered myself, we called our family members and announced the news!

That night we went to an unofficial engagement dinner with Brittany, since we owed her so much for helping with me and the pups. It was such a wonderful day but I was fully exhausted when it came to 9pm and we watched a little tv and went to bed!

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