Friday, July 27, 2012

Getting to know me

Two post in a day, I am on a roll!

I figured that since I'm starting my blog over, I would say a few things about me that many people may not know, likes and dislikes and what not, FUN RIGHT?

  • I LOVE SLEEP- I love sleep more than a normal human being should love sleep. I would be a happy camper if I got around 10-11 hours of sleep a day, seriously. Unfortunately, because of my schedule, I usually only get about 7-8 if I am lucky.  I am grumpy when I am tired, I get mean and rude when I am tired.
  • I am an early riser- I would much rather go to bed early and get up bright and early with the roosters than sleep in late. My "sleeping in" is until about 7-8am. I am up at 445-5am during the week for works so I guarantee that come 9pm, I am ready to pass out. I cant handle late nights out with friends unless we are on the same sleep schedule. if you feed me and put in a dark room (movies, living room, bed) I will be out within minutes. Brings me to my next point
  • I fall asleep during movies. DON'T JUDGE ME- I literally feel asleep during the Hangover in the theater because it was too late of a show for me. I suck I know. At home, Mr. G watches movies alone because I will be out within the first 10-20 mins. I miss so many good movies!
  • I am an extremely picky eater- I don't much meat. I don't like wild game of any sort (an entire different issue/view on that), I don't eat enough vegetables, I like only sweet fruits (is there any other kind?), I HATE SANDWICHES FOR DINNER, I LOVE DINNER, Desserts is a must at every meal, I don't like avocados, hate cottage cheese, I don't coke, I don't like beer, white bread is disgusting unless it is in the form of a bun or it is french, I don't like cinnamon rolls, not a big fan of mixing pineapple in drinks. That is all i can think about of right now, I am sure that I'm missing a ton more.
  • I dont like water- NOPE! I am not one to get in a pool and splash around. I am not one to go scuba diving in the ocean, I am not one to get on a surf board or get into water that will over above my head. I dont like it. I LOVE HOT WATER. I love hot showers and hot tubs, but unless it is extremely hot I will be the one on the side of the pool getting a tan instead of in the pool. 
  • I dont like political talk- I love Mr. G very much but I cant talk politics with him or anybody else. I will listen, I will act like I care but I dont like talking about it with individuals. Its not that I dont care what is going on in the world or who is up for presidents, its simply that I dont like to talk about it with people
  • Same goes for religion. I believe in god, but Im not going to sit down and talk about religion with a group on peeps while sipping coffee unless we are bffs, then maybe.
  • I love coffee
  • I strongly believe that if you are a woman, your feet should look nice unless you are in uggs. Don't be in flip flops in public with nasty ass toes. IT IS DISGUSTING and behind my sunglasses, I am more than likely giving you dirty looks- get a pedicure!
  • I notice people's hair
  • My career goal is to be in labor and delivery- either midwife, obstetrician,  doula, couch, etc.. I have a passion for it.
  • I am obsessed with Pregnant Woman. I want to know about pregnancy, what your birth plan is, how you found out, how you announced it, what you are naming your child, I am obsessed with all of it, even the gross details that people don't want to hear. probably because of what im going to school for/career.
  • THIS MIGHT SHOCK YOU---- I am not a fan of children... Weird I know, especially since I love pregnancy. I love pregnancy, I love newborns and babies and toddlers, older children like around 5-9 scare the crap out of me. This might be a fear of motherhood for me.... 
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dogs, Kane and Avary
  • I am a daddy's girl
  • I LOVE the Twlight Saga- Edward is just so dreamy
  • I love watching medical programs/movies- Grey's Anatomy, NY Med, One Born Every Min
  • I enjoy me some reality tv, probably too much
  • I dont like the outdoors.... Well dont get me wrong, I love running outside, I like long walks, I like the sun and being outside, but I am not one to be one with nature. I dont really like hikes for more than like 5 miles, I hate camping unless it involves going to a hotel, I dont like dirt or being dirty. 
  • I LOVE THE WARM WEATHER- BUT 95+ IN DRY DRY COLORADO IS A BIT FOR ME...I would love some September weather
  • I love the fall
  • I will be 25 this year- midlife crisis in the works
  • I adorable my husband- he is extremely funny even when he says things extremely inappropriate
Ok enough out of me for the day, I am sure you are tired of me ranting how much I hate things....

Y'all (I'm not from texas, I dont think i can say y'all)  You all have a good weekend!

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  1. I know pretty much all of them....boooo yah!