Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It's me again! I know,I know, I suck at blogging! I do....

I could try to come up with some great excuse as to why I have been away for so long, but honestly I dont have any excuses. I check my blogger everyday, catch up on other blogs, but I dont write anything on my own. I justify it with the fact that I don't have anything to write about.

Nobody really wants to read, let alone listen to me rant about my daily doings. I'm boring.

But I am here today to share some events that I am pretty excited about. Drum roll please........

June 25th, I will be running my first Half Marathon!!!! Woo Hooo!! After a few years and a countless amount of times, I said "I am not ready", I signed up.

My sister in law, Jamie (shout out!) mentioned  The Slacker Half Marathon a few times. I thought to myself, what a great way to spend some time with her and do something that I have been longed to do.... I went to the website and officially signed up.

I have been training my butt off! At first, it was really hard. I surely thought I wouldn't make it 5 miles.  But with the encouragement of Mr. G and family, I was able to make it up to 10 miles. Yup!  Only 3 more miles and so far I am feeling good! I have discovered the love of running! Being able to just take each step as I listen to beloved Damien Rice and look at the hills and roads around me in beautiful Colorado. It is a great feeling! I'm so excited, I can barely hide it!

In other good news,,, I signed up for one of my last semesters before my I move on to Big Boy College for my Bachelor Degree. I know that doesn't seem like much, but it will open the door to many of my dreams and I am so over going to community college. I think mostly, it will be a sense of accomplishment, considering I have been doing my associates degree for like 5 years off and on.  It will feel nice to have half of it done and then on to the real deal.

Wish me luck, I will most certainly need it within the next 9 weeks through this semester.

Thanks for Listening/Reading! :)


  1. Your going to rock the half. I am so excited you decided to do it!

    And school will be over before you know it!

    See you mana!