Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Music Lover

Nobody really knows this but when I was young, I thought I was going to be a singer. I practiced and watched Mariah Carey like she was a saint. I would sing to all her songs, I would dance to all her songs. I even did a performance of "All I want for Christmas" for a music project.

Up til high school, I was in choir, I had concerts. I loved it. I figured I would honestly be an artist of some sort. But then as high school dragged on and I started dating, singing wasn't as important anymore.

5 Years later, music is so much more important than ever. It is my my mind clearing, sing like nobody is watching, venting, drug.  Its not just singing, it is music, all kinds of music that call my name and make me open my mind and artistic side. I love music. 

Think about all the musicians out there, think about the words that they sing and feel and how they touch somebody. I remember what was going on in my life when I heard my very first Brittney Spears song. The hardship I had when I heard Linkin Park and Staind. How I felt when I heard Avril Lavigne. What I thought when I heard Holly Brooke, the conversation and company I had when I heard Damien Rice (secretly heart him). I love the fact that music can bring you back to that place, good or bad, how it can make you feel, how it can inspire you!

So I have decided what I am going to do with my life, become a hairdresser and song writer ;)

To start off my music kick I heard this amazing song first thing this morning!! It is a 13 year old boy who is going to the next Fray or Script.  Take a minute and check it out, you will be in awww!

Greyson Chance

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