Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sorry I have been MIA for just a long time. You all know how it is! With Thanksgiving and then getting ready for Christmas and then two days later was my hubbys birthday and then New Years, awhile trying to fight this horrible cold/flu thing.

I have to say as much as I do LOVE the holidays, I am sure glad to say goodbye til next year and get on with our normal everyday life that doesn't include excessive shopping and running around everyday. I'm beat! But I do want to say


Every year I have just great hopes and expectations of my new years resolutions, but along with my blogging skills, I suck at keeping them. I want to keep them and leave up to every single one of them, but I just havent been able. Maybe it is my commitment abilities???

Anyways, it is a new year. A new year of goals, dreams, expectations, adventures, and challenges. So I am going to list my goals and resolutions for 2011, to help track it and hopefully I will be able to cross them off as I go.
2011 Resolutions!

  1. Get back into school! I have taken about a year off and it really feels like a lifetime. I feel so uneducated! I only have 12 credits left until my Associates degree is done, so I am hoping to knock them out before Fall of 2011. I plan on signing up for Spring classes (psychology of human development and human nutrition). Then taking the big boy Biology course in the summer and then somehow I need to come up with 1 more credit so I may take abnormal psychology... As much as I dont want to take my bio class during the summer,,, because they are harder, but I have no choice. I want to get them knocked out and move onto my Bachelor's degree by fall at UCD. 
  2.  I want to come in touch with my self. I am a very independent person, but i want to be ok with myself. To love me for me.  I am on my way.... My bff, was able to get a book for me, Created Beautiful. I havent started reading it yet but I sure will start soon.
  3.  Get caught up on our bills. We are basically caught up, since the wedding kind of but us behind. But I want to be ahead.  
  4. Get rid of some of our debt. Credit cards, car payments, loans, student loans and all the "I want, but dont need" things. I wish for us to be able to reduce the amount of money that we are just throwing out each month for all the nice things in life. We are now getting to the spot in our lives where having a brand new car and the coolest clothes and big screen tvs are just NOT worth the payments.
  5. Since Joey and I both want to reduce our monthly out of pocket expenses, we have discussed  getting rid of one of the cars. Luckily we have been blessed with Joey getting a new and rewarding job near my work, that we could make do with one car. Not saying that we wouldnt get tired of it, but we would be able to at SAVE at least $650-700 a month... That is huge! That extra money could be used to pay off the other bills and car that we do have. 
  6. Along with the money talk,,, Joey and I want to be able to start really, REALLY establishing a savings account.  I have  a savings account, but I have to be honest, if something were to happen for whatever reason, the savings I have wouldnt help as in the least bit. Taking that $650 from the car we no longer had and put it in a savings each month, it would be great along with interest. 
  7.  I personally would like to make it a better goal to get more in shape and to stay active. I did really well the first 8 months of 2010, but come Sept and cold season, I just cracked and stopped running and working out. Joey and I will be joining our Rec center soon, so that is a step in the right direction.
  8. One of my personal goals is to run more. Not just to stay in shape, but running is my drug, it is something that calls me and helps me in so many different ways. I feel better about myself and life when I have my feet hit the pavement or trail and just go. I would have continued running this year, but due to sickness and non serious skin removal, I couldn't run without letting my body heal. I want to sign up for more runs. Last year I was able to do a 5k in the beginning of Oct. It was amazing! It was rated one of the hardest short runs in Colorado and I was able to complete within 35 mins.  I want to do at least 2 races a month and slowing moving up in distance. Start with the 5ks then the 10ks and on to the half marathons. A full marathon is a goal of mine, but maybe not this year.
  9.  I want to love my husband more! We are in our first year of marriage and so far we are learning that it is hard work. But I want to be a better person to him and learn how to communicate better. Sometimes we bump heads and because we are both so stubborn and hot headed, we can make a big deal out of nothing and drag on that nothing for like  a week. I need to learn to communicate better with him so that dont misunderstand each other and turn those nothings into a huge fight. Learn to listen, understand, and love better!
  10. Be a better person! Towards friends, family, strangers, coworkers. Let my guard down and not to get so upset and take things personal.  
  11. Joey and I have both discussed travel. Because Joey and I  have tended to be workaholics and spend our money on "luxury" crap, we havent been able to afford or take time to travel. Its a new year baby and we are going to start traveling. The other night, we were laying in bed talking about it and Joey grabbed his phone and started noting all the trips that would be amazing to take.  We have some rules.... 5 new cities and states a year. We can obviously do more than 5, but we want to see places that the both of us together have already seen. One of Joeys top picks was Alaska, but we both have been there, together. So so far we have, Florida, NY, Yellowstone, Lake Powell, Mackinaw Island. We are so excited to just start this list, not including the excitementof going out of the country,,,, maybe next year. 

And that is it for now.... Lets hope that I can keep up with blogging and my goals! Here is to a new year!!!


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  1. Welcome back:). I'm so excited for you to read that book!