Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Im back again!!!! Im on a roll!

Yesterday, I posted several of my New Years Resolutions/Goals and then throughout the day I thought of more.

  1. Minimize the amount of times we eat out... I have noticed recently that even though going out for a meal is entertaining and fun, it is also kind of expensive. On average, Mr. G and I could spend $30-45 a meal when going to out, depending on the place and the meal. $30-45 that we could most certainly save if we ate more meals at home.  So my goal is to not go out for meals or get fast food, but since Im weak, I will minimize to twice a month.  We can only eat out twice a month....
  2. Now along with not eating out, I am going to try my HARDEST to not buy lunch at work. I am strictly cutting myself off. I will have to prepare a lunch from the nights left overs or make a sandwich. As much as I like to, I cant afford to eating at our works cafe for lunch, considering it is normally a min of $8 for a sandwich..... Turkey and Provolone with Spicy Mayo on Wheat,,,,, I will miss you!
  3. I would like to think that I will stay to a project a month. With remodeling our house for over a year now, I have found multiple projects open as once that take months and months to finish.... Right now, project master closest is still underway!
  4. Become more budget friendly! I wish I had the art of coupons under my wing, cuz I would use them.  I watch a show called Downsize, in which has taught me that you can REALLY save money using coupons and looking for deals. I need to do some research and find where I can get those deals..... 
For now I believe that is it! Until tomorrow my friends :)

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  1. theres an app for that... seriously, Groupon!