Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Fall or Autumn is the transition from summer into winter and normally start with the September equinox, scientists say. For most of us, without scientific terms, it is when the temps get lower, the air is crisp, leafs change colors and we prepare for Halloween and then on to Thanksgiving, right???

For those of you that are outside of Colorado and the West coast, you are probably already  experiencing this wonderful change, but not us. Here in Colorado, it is 90 degrees!!! It is September 28th and 90 degrees!! Holy cow!

As a huge fan of Fall, I am getting discouraged thinking that it will never come. That somehow, someway, Colorado is going to miss the fall season all together.  No leafs changing and fall all over the ground, no colder air, no fall smells, no cider, no fall.  Its a little disappointing.

In the 21 years that I have lived in Colorado, we have welcomed fall with open arms in the beginning/middle of September. In fact, this time last year, we welcomed our beautiful nephew into the world with flurries of snow and highs of 50's.  No this year!

I just hope that it comes soon... Like Friday... October 1st. Nothing like enjoying the cold crisp air while drinking hot coffee and picking pumpkins!!! It is pure joy! I love fall, I love Halloween, I love October! Love it! Hope it feels like fall soon!

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