Tuesday, August 24, 2010

well well welll

Hello ALL,
A lot has happened since the last time I blogged! I am officially a married woman! Joey and I said our I Dos in front of 150 of our friends and family on August 14th, 2010.

It was an amazing day and I cant believe that it is OVER already. I wish that I could have lived that day all over again for another 1000 years! It was a beautiful day and we had all of the support and love that anybody could ever ask for! It was a great day!

The day after the wedding we left for our Honeymoon! Well, we had a very early flight and a late night and we missed our flight going from Denver to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We stood in line for check in and knew that our flight was living any minute and then the time past. Yup we missed our flight! After asking questions, making phone calls and nearly having a mental breakdown in DIA, we were able to get onto a flight to Texas.

At first, I was just excited to get out of Colorado and having never traveled to Texas, I was ready and willing to go. We landed in "Houston" Texas and holy COW was it hot and humid. I know what hot is, but humidity is not something that us Coloradans are exposed to. We were able to deal with the heat and the humidity and the next morning we made it to Mexico, just in time for lunch and drinks!

We spent 2 nights at our original resort, 1 day too many, if I should say so. Now,,, I love kids, love them, but there were kids and kids and rude kids, and rude adults and lines, and people everywhere at this resort. There was lines to everything and after that one day and night at the resort, Joey quickly changed our plans to switch to a new resort. The next day, we were able to switch to Rui Palace Pacifico Vallarta, which makes you feel like a million bucks. Gold, marble, paintings, vaulted ceilings, chandlers, everything that would be in a palace was at this resort! We LOVED it there!

The days were spent on the beach, in the water with sharks, kayaking, ATVing in the Sierra Madres, walking the boardwalk, EATING, and soaking up the hot and amazing sun!!! It was amazing! But by the 5 day there, and having sores and blusters and bug bites, I was ready to head home!

We are now safe and sound in Colorado, back to work and living our newlyweded life! It has been great!!! Husband and wife!!!

Now one thing I forgot to mention. Before the wedding, we had two angels arrive! Braxton and Dakota Ham arrived at 7am Wednesday August 11th! They are beautiful and momma is doing GREAT!! Tonight is the first night since they were born that I get to meet them and I cant wait!!!

Photos should be coming soon! ;)

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