Monday, April 12, 2010

Check list


Joey and I have set an official date of August 14th, 2010 for our wedding. Now even though I had everything planned back in Feb, I found that there is a lot of projects and wedding related things that need to be done before August comes around.

First thing is first! I need to redo the wedding invitations. As much as I would love to just order new ones, we have found a way to just put a nice label cover up over the date and any information has has changed since we originally ordered the invitations. In the next few weeks, I will get them all out, see what needs to be done and start getting those completed. Hopefully I will be able to redo and complete them for shipment in about a month or so.

Even though we are still figuring out the invitations, my main concern at this time is the guest list. At the beginning of this wedding planning process we started out with 310 guests on our list. WOW!  Now that we are in a little bit of a different place (money wise) we quickly realized that we couldn't do 310 guest at $35.00 per person for the wedding buffet. As much as we wanted to, we couldn't! So we started cutting prices for food and started cutting the list down. 

So I went through the list and realized that some of the people we had on there, were people that we haven't talked to in forever. I'm not even sure they knew we were engaged. Slowly, but surely, we went through the list and went from 310 to 168 plus 48 children. We are finally getting to where we wanted to be at price wise and people wise so we are happy!

Other than the list and the invites, we are smooth sailing. I have my second to last dress fitting on April 23, then I get to bring my dress home in May or June. In the next week, we are putting more money towards the venue, photography, DJ, and our honeymoon!  It seems to be coming together just great, I just wish that it was June already and we were closer to the big day!!! :)

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