Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last night, Joey and I met with a pastor and church leader of a local church here in Colorado. At first, I was a little concerned on how the meeting would go, considering my current religious status.  But once he showed up and started talking to Joey and I, I opened up. He was great! He asked how our relationship was and how we met and where we see ourselves going forward and what religious means to us. 

Joey was able to answer that question like a pro, considering he has a relationship with God. But for me, I struggled and did all that I could to be honest and open about the situation.  So, I explained that I dont have a relationship with the lord. I grew up differently than Joey, I grew up with a single parent and although my father has a relationship with the big man, he never forced that on his children or did he share his view or thoughts or concerns about the lord with us. So growing up, I had questions and I went through a stage where I questioned the bible and the workings that he explained because I didnt understand, leading me to not know and not educated on the ways that God works and his words in the Bible. 

I explained all this information to the pastor, he was great with explaining that he would talk to me about it. He would love to meet with me and answer any questions that I have, without judgement, which meant the world to me.  The rest of the conversation/meeting went great and we decided as a couple with the pastor that we would start our premartial counseling with a fresh and flat surface of faith and what our view points and how to go into this class and marriage and life on the same path, together. 

I am excited for it.  I want to learn, I want to know, I want to understand EVERYTHING! We will start the classes over the next 4 months, covering many topics involved in marriage, preparing us for May 1st, the day we join hands as husband and wife!!!!!

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