Friday, January 15, 2010

Just when things were good!

Man! So right before I decided that I was going to write about my awesome day and what good mood I was in, a customer of ours called in being a complete jerk! Now, I work in a mans world of telcom. I deal with jerks all day, but this one just set me off. He wouldnt listen to a word that i was saying and insisted that he needed my MALE supervisor tell him the same crap that I just told him....

I am a sweet person and try to be kind to every customer that calls in, but the second I hung up that phone, I flipped out on the fact that some guys are so degrading to woman that it is not funny and one of these days they are going to rub me the wrong way and I might say something that they dont want to hear and something they will probably try to get me fired for..... GRRRR!!!! Seriously! Ugh, he made me so mad!!!!!!

SO now that I vented about the DCIK of a man that this customer was, I can go on with my happy post! :)

Today overall has been a great day, the sun is shining, I am feeling good, my outfit is cute and all is well with me! I even for the first time in a while, thought about the wedding and didnt start having a panic attack! Joey and I are down to 3 months and 2 weeks until we get married! At times, it seems so far away and then other times, it seems like it will approach us faster than I think we are going to be ready for! 

Just a quick list of things that we need to complete:

1) Place deposit for Flowers
2) Place deposit for DJ
3) Pay off dress and start alterations- Jan 30th!!! 
4) Send out invites

5) Get wedding bands
6) Finalize and book our Honeymoon- Dominican Republic- Santa Domingo BABY!!!
7) Get Groom and Groomsmen attire picked out
8) Order favors
9) Finish paying for the bridesmaids gifts-- I wish that I could get one of them,,, they are awesome!
10) Finalize EVERYTHING!

I'm pretty excited to be able to pick up my dress and get it altered! That will be a big and huge step in my portion of the wedding, considering, I have stressed, panic, and dreamed about this dress since I ordered it. From there we are hopefully for smooth sailing with the rest of the plans!!

This weekend, depending on the weather and if some of the snow has thawed, we are spreading seed in the backyard and starting to fix it up, for our Rehearsal dinner!  Along with a whole bunch of other home projects that I will be helping Joey with!! Its pretty exciting and this is the last weekend before I return to Spring semester of College on Wednesday.... FUN, FUN!!

I hope that this semester will be easier on me considering the wedding and it being the last before my Bachelor Degree at UCD! Pray for us and for me!!!

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