Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend overload

This weekend, was quiet fun!!

Friday, Joey and I enjoyed an amazing date night dinner at Bagalis. A wonderful New Orleans Italian restaurant by my work. It was the first time that either Joey or myself ate there and I was impressed with their amazing pasta and desserts. In fact I want more! After dinner, we went to a redbox and got 3 movies; The hangover, Paranormal Activity, and The Goods.  Friday night we watched all of the Hangover, which was good, and half of the Goods, which wasnt so good! In fact, it was so boring, I feel asleep during it, like the first 10 mins of it. 

Saturday, with the hope of getting up early and going to the gym, Joey, Avary, Kane and I all layed in bed, until the point where I had to get ready to go see my sister and exstepmom. We are lazy people, I swear!  But finally I got modivated to actually get out of bed, get dressed and made my way down to Stapleton. We all met in front of Red Lobster and had a great lunch there. It was the first time that my sister and I and my exstepmom really had a conversation, considering the past and itwas nice to talk and hang out and just been around each other.  After lunch, we enjoyed walking around for hours, shopping and just laughing at each other's stupidity.  By the end of the day, my feet hurt and I was exhausted, but I met Joey at the gym and we signed up to get in shape..... First step! Then I had a wonderful pedicure and manicure and went home to watch paranormal activity, which is NOT that scray. I mean, there is parts that are weird and kind of freaking, but I didnt jump or scream or anything of that sort. 

Sunday, Joey and I cleaned the house and went to Target and Walmart and many other places and got new things for the house. We HAD to get a new bed set since our dogs ruined ours and we also purchased new dogs beds. IN the 2010, we are starting to teach our dogs to stay off the furniture and our bed. We also go curtain rods and a new mirror for the entry way, its all pretty exciting! After a long day of shopping and clean, we were pooped and passed out in our new bed!! It was great!

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