Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dress Shopping :)

July 25th 2009, was a wonderful day. Myself, Brittany, Brittany's mom, Jennifer, Lianee, Victoria, and Sara all gathered at Mimi's for a early breakfast, which was wonderful! It gave us all time to eat and talk and crack up about Lianee and it was just so nice. After breakfast we all gathered into Brittany's brothers truck and drove down to the bridal shop. There we met Jamie and started looking at dresses and seeing what options we had.

It was quiet fun to see the girls in their dresses and joke about how awful some of them were. Next it was my turn. This was the second time that I had tried on wedding dresses and to be completely honest, I hated it. First of all, I am not the type of girl who tries on clothes at a store, I just buy them and then return them if they don't fit. So to actually try on dresses and then show them off was exhausting to me.

So as I browsed through dresses to try on, I decided to play a little joke on the girls and picked out the most hideous dress that I could find. All together I picked out about 6 dresses including the ugly one and started trying them on.

From what I can remember, the first one was not a hit for me, it didn't feel or look good. The second one, I really liked but since I am so indecisive, I couldn't make the decision that that was the dress. And the third dress was the hideous one, in which I played off so well. As I got into it in the dressing room with the help of a consultant, I mad comments like "wow, I love this dress" or "Oh I think this is the one" and the consultant even threw in there, "wow this is amazing on you", knowing every well that all the girls in the waiting area could hear everything I said. So as I walked out, I just kept a straight face and remained "in love" with this awful dress. Now I knew that the girls didn't like it right away. Compared to the previous dresses, I would hear "aw, oh and gosh that is amazing, you look great", but with this dress, I didn't hear anything. I mean it was so quite, I am sure I heard the birds outside and across the street. Then finally Lianee said, " you look so good" and next Sara charmed in "I think it is amazing, it is such a great dress", the rest of my audience was silent. Then finally I turned and said "kidding!" I finally had to tell them it was a joker dress and they all laughed.

After our search at this bridal shop, we went a few blocks away and where I allowed the girls pick out some dresses that they think would be good for me, big mistake. I had some dresses that I wouldn't even put my dogs in. After the shopping and browsing there, they all decided to go to one more place, which was clear a crossed town. We all had a fun time on the way there but once we arrived the anxiety and exhaustion hit and I didn't want to look or try on anymore. I did try a few on just to make the trip not so worthless, but after the girls picked out more dresses and became obsessed with finding me a dress, I told Brittany that I was done, I didnt want to do anymore shopping, I didnt want to do anything.

So I go dressed and Brittany the sweetest friend that she is, lost a bet and had to buy Dairy Queen, it was a nice end to the day!

Thank you girls for hanging in there and shopping with me!

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