Wednesday, September 16, 2009


At the time of our engagement party, we had decided on our wedding party. Below is my girls and his guys.

Brittany (MOH)
Jen M

Jeremy (Best Man)

2 months later, we realized that we should have really thought about the people that we wanted in our wedding and after inviting them to be, we felt obligated to keep them.

A few days before the shopping day, I had decided through a long thought process that I wanted to have my oldest friend in my wedding. I have known this girl since we were in the 7th grade, I was her MOH at her wedding and I was there for her during the birth of her first son. I needed her to be there for me now, even though we had our times and we had fought for a while, she was still one of my closest friends. So myself and Brittany (MOH) went up to meet her and her friend and I asked her to be one of my bridesmaids at my wedding. Without hestiation she accepted, I was so excited, I felt complete and relief.

Being the Bride and sometimes control freak and OCD, I found that I had a few bridesmaids, were not living up to what I thought they would be. One of the bridesmaids was a friend that I loved and considered family and the other was one that I had told I wanted her in my wedding not really thinking about. Just a few weeks shy of planning a day with the girls to go shopping and I had these girls complain of the time we were meeting, the location of where we were meeting and finally after so much frustrations and conversations with my MOH, she decided to send everybody an email, explaining what this might make me upset, the day before shopping. Needless, to say that turned into a hugh fight between, me, moh and 2 bridesmaids. In which one of the bridesmaids vetoed out of the wedding party and the show went on.

The rest of the night, Brittany and I, the crafty woman that we are, made shirts for the girls in the wedding party. After hours of playing with fabric paint and some drinks that included a special thing called Malibu, we were finally finished.

The day was our big shopping day and I couldnt wait!

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