Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Day Challenge- Day 1

Day 1-Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

Well Hello! I am Catherine G, but I go by Cat most of the time. I am 23 years old, college student/full time worker. I currently got married to a wonderful man on August 14th of this year. We have 2 dogs, Avary and Kane, they are seriously like my children! We bought our first house together in November of 2009 and we are just living life in Colorado!

15 interesting facts.......

  1. I dream of being a doctor. I dream of being an amazing surgeon or specialist.
  2. I am 1 out of 5 children! I am the second and youngest daughter in our family and I am certainly a daddy's girl.
  3. I am an aunt of 5 wonderful babies. Katedence, Lucas, Kaylee, Eli, and Eden.  I secretly hope that more are on the way! ;)
  4. I have the hardest time telling people how I feel inside. My first reactions to life is get mad and angry and I normally cry when I am alone. Somewhere along the lines of growing up, I looked at emotions and feelings as a weakness. So needless to say, I am working on showing how I feel and how to communicate with others.
  5. I am 1000% City Girl
  6. I secretly am in love with Damien Rice and Aaron Lewis! Don't tell Joey ;)
  7. I love scary movies and haunted houses, but I certainly turn on every single light in our house, if I need to go somewhere dark. 
  8. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love Halloween! I have yet to really understand why, but I love it more than I love chocolate. I think it was the one thing from my childhood that I looked forward to every single year. Dressing up scary and getting candy was the highlight of my year. I love the classic and vintage theme of Halloween. And of course Hocus Pocus is by far my FAVORITE Halloween movie!
  9. My real mom left when I was 7 years old. I'm jealous of people who have a real mom in their life.
  10. When I was younger, I believed I would be a professional singer. I remember singing Mariah Carey over and over and over just to see if I could sound just like her.
  11. I have a weakness for donuts.
  12. I love FALL. Love it! The smell, the colder air, the leafs, the soups and stews. 
  13. I am super sensitive to smells and tastes. I HATE dislike ginger, nutmeg, chai, pumpkin, allspice. I seriously hate the smell of a Chai latte, it literally makes me gag. 
  14. I want to become a vegetarian. I have a hard time digesting any sorts of red meat, unless it is ground beef. The thought of rare meat and rare steaks make me throw up. Along with the fact that I believe that too many animals are being tortured at farms then to be cut up and fed to the public. I cry when I watch tv that includes cruelty to animals or see a homeless animal. I cant do it and I dont want to support those who do.  I disagree with hunting and believe that there is no honest reason for hunting in the states, considering most of our daily consumption comes from a cow, pig, or chicken. But according to my husband, people hunt to control over population, which I think is CRAP. I believe that mother nature and God could control it and hunters are an excuse to shot an innocent animal when it is defenseless.
  15. I am a free spirited heart. I would love to think that life and the world are based among love and happiness and everybody should just get along and put differences aside. I belong in Boulder!

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